Ordering blood tests

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Unless restricted by local regulations, in most states in the U.S. and in
many other locales, it is possible to order one's own lab work.
Life Extension Foundation (www.lef.org) has for many years promoted
the practice of individuals monitoring their health through regular blood
testing by offering lab work at steeply discounted costs to members
and having annual blood test sales with even lower prices. Recently,
they have allowed membership to be paid with a small amount monthly.
In recent years, many other online sites have become available where
blood tests can be purchased at discounted costs.
These sites provide orders by a physician for blood tests at a
laboratory local to the purchaser. A LabCorp facility is most commonly
used, unless one is not available in the area. Results are emailed,
faxed or mailed and are usually available within one or two days for
most tests.
Pricing varies among online services, so it is a good idea to check the
total cost from three or four for the tests that you are seeking. Different
companies may also offer various tests grouped in panels for better
estatlabs.com (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina only)
To schedule an appointment at LabCorp
RBC magnesium from BioLab Medical Unit
Vitamin D from City Assays
Thyroid UK suggestion for private testing