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While trying to rest and heal adrenals, exercise can be counter-
productive. Most research studies concerning exercise and high
cortisol are investigating ways to reduce the increase in cortisol that
commonly accompanies extreme exercise. This indicates that the
body’s natural response to exercise is to increase cortisol output or
release. Issues of adrenal fatigue include the body’s inability to
respond to demands for increased cortisol, including demands created
by exercise.
The experience of many patients confirms that individuals suffering
from adrenal fatigue should discontinue exercise. When the goals of
stable daily average temperatures and improved thyroid status are
reached, stretches and light walking might be safely added.
With adrenal fatigue, any form of chelation can be extremely hard on
the adrenals. Healing the adrenals and optimizing thyroid hormone
status is the best way to detoxify the body.