Emergency medical card

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Anyone taking HC or other corticosteroids should carry with them at all times a card containing details of the type of corticosteroid being taken and dosing. This is to ensure that the corticosteroid is not stopped suddenly and that, in an emergency or accident, medical personnel are aware of use of the medication.
John D Doe  DOB 5/29/1949
115 Main Street, Anytown, AnyState 00000
300-555-0000  mobile 300-555-2222
Blood type O+
Emergency contacts
Jane Doe (wife) 300-555-3333  mobile 300-555-4444
Mary Smith (daughter) 300-555-5555  mobile 300-555-6666
Frank Smith, MD cardiologist 300-555-7777
Jane Jones, MD internist 300-555-8888
Medical conditions
Adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroid
Hydrocortisone 7am 10 mg; 11am 7.5 mgs 3pm 5 mg; 10pm 2.5 mg
Cytomel 7am 18.75 mcg; 12noon 12.5 mcg; 5pm 12.5 mcg; 10pm 12.5 mcg
Allergies: Sulfa drugs
Wear contact lenses
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